ABC Hammer 8 lb Brass Hammer with 34 inch Fiberglass Handle - ABC8BF

Item Number: ABC8BF Brand: ABC Hammers
$161.99 $141.08

Brass and bronze hammers are specifically designed with solid, soft, heavy heads for good driving force yet the striking face yields readily on contact to prevent or eliminate work damage. They are also non-sparking for safe use near combustible materials. Additionally, bronze hammers will not mar harder metals.


ABC Hammers, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of the highest quality, non-marring, non-sparking, non-magnetic and non-corrosive striking tools. The Original ABC Brass Hammers were developed by the parent companies, ABC Foundry and American Precision Castings. These hammers were carefully designed to provide superb balance, comfort and control for use in the foundry, machining and tooling operations.

Product Description:
  • Non-sparking: For safe use near combustible materials.
  • Non-marring: Helps absorb impact and helps reduce work damage where surface protection is critical.
  • Fiberglass handle: High visibility yellow in color and ergonomically designed to help prevent injury from repeated use
  • Made in USA

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