2-Pole 24 Ft. Aluminum Pump Jack Scaffolding System Magnum

Item Number: CPJS24x24 Brand: Magnum Tools

Free ShippingOur 2-Pole 24 Ft. Aluminum Pump Jack System will lift you to new heights! No other equipment will revolutionize your job site efficiency like pump jack scaffolding. Put deep cuts in to your labor costs and dramatically speed up on-site production on siding jobs, trim and window installation, re-pointing, painting and more! Complete your system with our 500 Lb. Rated 2-Man Aluminum Scaffold Planks!

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This 2-Pole 24 Ft. Pump Jack System includes:

2 - Aluminum Pump Jacks (part# PJ-100)
2 - Aluminum Work Bench Arms (part# PJ-WB)
2 - Full Swivel Steel Braces (part# PJ-SBF)
2 - 24' Aluminum Poles (part# P-2400)
2 - Non-Skid Flat Pole Bases (part# FPC-10)

Optional Accessories:

Spiked Pole Base (part# PJ-SPB)
Safety Net (part# PJ-SN)
Pole Splice/Connector (part# PS-6)
12' Aluminum Poles(part# P-1200)
6' Aluminum Pole (part# P-600)
Guard Rail Kits are also available!




Check out an instructional video of this system in use!



Our Aluminum Pump Jack Systems are completely interchangeable with Werner, Alumapole, Qual-Craft Ultra Jacks and most other Systems in the market today. Per OSHA, scaffold components can be interchanged so long as they do not require undue force while connecting or attaching together.

Time saved in set-up and take-down, the ease of operation, and the convenience of transporting a system designed for portability means more time spent doing the job. The Pump Jack System includes aluminum poles with an industrial grade rubber facing that ensures traction as the jacks travel up and down and offers more rigidity and superior strength over wooden poles. Poles are easily joined together in sections with the Pole Connector to attain custom heights, allowing total versatility on the job site. Poles can be fitted with two types of bases to accommodate any ground conditions. The non-skid base works well for flat and hard surfaces while the spiked anchors provide a secure footing on soft or uneven surfaces.

The Pump Jack System can be outfitted with a versatile workbench arm which can be installed as needed at any time during the job without removing the Jack from the pole or requiring dis-assembly. The workbench arm provides the capability to add a second scaffold plank to the system on the outside of the poles at waist-height, providing a level of fall-protection as well as a spacious work area that allows you take all your tools, materials and supplies up and down the scaffolding with you. Integrating a second plank on the back side of the poles insures safety by acting as a guard rail as well as a secure, out of the way place for your tools and materials preventing them from becoming a trip hazard or falling risk to any workers below.

The wall braces feature a full swivel head to conform to all possible roof pitches. These provide rigid, triangular bracing as required by OSHA. The Pump Jack internal mechanisms provide durability, smooth operation, long life and a greater climbing rate per stroke than other available pump jacks, allowing for fast and efficient raising of the work platform.



Order the pump jack system as-is, or customize it to be what you need by incorporating any of the featured equipment additions! Scaffold planks and additional equipment can be purchased at discounted pricing when bundled together with a pump jack system. Contact us direct for a quote at 866-588-6300







You can find additional details about our Aluminum Scaffold Planks here:

Aluminum Scaffold Planks



Tips From the Pro's:

- It's always a good idea to make your poles as rigid as possible. Think of the poles like a soda can; You can set an empty soda can upright on the ground and if you stand on it, it will hold your weight, but as soon as the sides of the can bow or flex, it will crush. Buying adequate bracing to stabilize the poles at every 12 Ft. of height takes all the flex and sway out of the system adding an increased factor of reliability and safety!

- If you expect to go higher than 24 Ft., consider this solution; Purchase not only two additional 12' poles and pole connectors to reach 36 Ft., but also purchase one additional pump jack and workbench. This setup will give you the additional functionality to join your 12' poles together when you don't need a 36 Ft. working height, and instead you now have the capability to set up a total of three 24 Ft. poles spanning double the width by overlapping your planks on the center pole!

- Safety requirements can vary across locations, make sure you have everything you need. Magnum Tools offers Safety Railing Systems and End Gates for all combinations of pump jack systems as well as Fall Protection Harnesses and safety netting. Give us a call if you have any concerns!







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