mid wall bracket

Item Number: mwb6 Brand: Wall Walker
$33.99 $29.79

1 Each Mid Wall Bracket


The Model #MWB6 Mid Wall Bracket makes for versatility.  This Thru-Wall System allows you to hang the WallWalker anywhere on a 2x4 or 2x6 stud wall below the top plate. Allows for the WallWalker to be used as a traditional side wall carpenters style staging bracket.  Easy set-up, eliminates time, provides perfect balance and durability.

Build Smarter and Safer…

Long gone are the days of fall exposures due to walking the top-plate and trying to set up awkward scaffolding. WallWalker eliminates the need for makeshift scaffold and provides a quick and safe platform. Now with WallWalker's patented hanging scaffold system, you will save time and build smarter. With quick setup and easy adjustments, you can use the WallWalker for cutting tails, setting trusses, installing roof sheeting and fascia board.  It is also used to do work on window & hurricane shutters, concrete walls, ships, piers and bridges, etc…With WallWalker’s latest Mid-wall bracket assembly you can install the WallWalker system below the soffit line to install soffit as well.  WallWalker is the first hanging scaffold of its kind with light-weight aluminum construction.

WallWalker consists of brackets that unfold to hook over the top of the inside or outside of a wall and to support scaffold plank. The supports can be hung from a wall while standing on the ground, from a ladder, or from a window.

Each pair of WallWalkers are rated to support 500 lbs. evenly distributed, and there are no height restrictions as long as local and federal requirements are being met, says the company.

Horizontal plank support beams extend either 38 or 45 in. from the wall, depending on the model used, and handrail posts that support a toprail, midrail, and toeboards are included in the price.

To set the system up, you simply adjust the top plate hook to the proper wall width and hang it over the wall.  The horizontal support beam accepts a variety of plank systems.  Then you put the plank in place. The devices can be adjusted in height with or without removing the plank.

The system meets all OSHA requirements including Cal-OSHA.
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