Van Mark Mark II TrimMaster Siding Brake 6 Foot 6 Inch Contractor - TM6

Item Number: TM6 Brand: Van Mark Products

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Van Mark Brake - TM6 6 Ft 6 In Mark II Trim Master Contractor Series Sheet Metal and Aluminum Siding Brake. Features a 14 inch throat depth, 180 degree bending radius and the new POWERslot technology for easier bending!

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The Mark II TrimMaster series brake arrives with leading technologies such as the Power Lock bar and new POWERslot technology for easier bending and fabrication of smaller J channels down to 1/2 inch. Hollow core hinge extrusions add strength throughout the bending process. Van Mark has left you the ability to make fine-tuning adjustments to the brake through the use of their Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) wedges which are independently adjustable. A Van Mark brake is the closest thing to a non-adjustment brake you'll find in the industry.

Van Mark's POWERslot hinge design gives you more bending power with less energy, resulting in a uniquely easy bending operation. Added walls and hollows in their design make the Van Mark brakes the toughest machines in the field while providing the long service life you demand.

Van Mark's unique cam-locking system locks tightly to any thickness of material, every time, completely eliminating the need to adjust your clamping pressure from one job or material to the next. The FTA system (Fine-Tune Adjustment) provides the capability of adjusting the locking tension of the brake through use of the UHMW wedges between the locking cams and C-castings.

All Van Mark brakes feature quick-disconnect handles for fast, easy set-up and take-down!

The Mark II Contractor Series Siding Brake works perfectly with the 3017 Trim Cutter for quick, clean material cutting directly on the brake!

The hollow-core fixed hinge, bending hinge and base rail design feature reinforced walls and hollows, making this an incredibly strong and durable brake.

At a Glance:

  • 14 Inch Throat Depth easily works standard 24" coil stock and pre-formed panels

  • 180 degree bending radius - Simplifies hemming & over-bending resulting in faster, easier operations.

  • Full Frame Rail Construction provides increased durability and years of precise bending

  • Powder-Coated finish prevents oxidation, UV fading and provides superior protection from the elements

  • Power Lock Bar provides stronger clamping pressure along the entire bending edge for clean bends without warping the material

Bending Capacities:

Contractor Models

Bending Capacities

36 (16.3kg)

Aluminum (3003H14)
66 (29.9kg)

Galvanized Steel
26 ga.
83 (37.7kg)

Painted Steel Grade D
26 ga.
102 (46.6kg)

Roofing Copper
24 oz
124 (56.2kg)

Zinc Alloy
156 (70.8kg)

Stainless Steel (304L)
26 ga.
*Includes dual bending handles. Note: Capacities are based on standard metal properties for coil & sheet. Please contact our factory for capacities on your specific material

Common Shapes:

Van Mark Common Shapes

Parts Diagram:

Van Mark Parts Diagram - Mark II Contractor Series Brake

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